Gravity Cactus – The iOS Game You’ll Keep Trying to Beat Each Day!

You know you’re addicted to an iOS mobile game when you start playing it in the evening and before you know it, it’s 3 a.m. and you’re wondering how the heck time flew by so fast. You’ll continue to play until the very last moment and think up rationalizations so that you can keep playing. Gravity Cactus is a simple game, and it most certainly has that addictive nature in it.

This is a fresh and new game that accidently came in our hands. Since the last week, when we discovered it, we pretty much can’t think of any other iOS game that addicted us so much.

At first sight, this game looks cute and simple. However, when the game starts and you realize how easy to play, but yet so challenging the game is, you’ll want to regret you’ve even thought that.

The Story Line?

It’s a classic cactus story line with an interesting twist. Cactuses are in the desert, but they are struggling. Everything is based on the young cactus named Jack. He started a long journey with his friends they search for water. With your tapping abilities, only you can help them to overcome all difficulties and reach the goal. Unlock his friend Steve and have even more fun.

How Much Can You Score?

The challenging gameplay is what makes Gravity Cactus addictive. Each time you’ll think you can do better, but you’ll will most likely fail. First, get to know with the gameplay and movements, because the changing gravity can be confusing. As the game speeds up, you’ll will be left highly challenged to keep the cactus characters alive.

We are sure that you’ll like it. The real question is how much you will get addicted to. Get it for free if your Apple device runs on iOS 8.0 or later.