BrainSoar – An Amazing App to Train Your Brain and Enhance Your Memory

The internet and digital technologies are providing an increasing number of effective and beneficial tools to help support people who are living with Dementia. Touch screen devices like smartphones and tablets, are making it even easier to access these technologies, as they are tactile, versatile and simple to use. There are so many apps available, and new ones appearing every day, that can be accessed via tablets or smartphones with just a simple touch of the screen.

With so much choice, one of the biggest challenges is to know where to find some good apps to start. To help you out, we have compiled this review about the app from same genre. We are talking about BrainSoar app.

What is BrainSoar app and how it can help?

BrainSoar app is an app for your iOS devices that uses the simple arithmetic calculation techniques to heal your brain memory power. This app helps best to save you from memory gaps and being a targeted by Alzheimer’s and dementia as all of us now that it’s the more common and growing disease in today’s world.

You do not need to have some extra ordinary skills to use this app as it very simple and easy. When you start the app, you are asked to choose between two different sessions; mental arithmetic for a fixed time or subtract a number repeatedly from the start number until you reach zero.

Answers will be given at the interval you choose and you can adjust the time interval between dictation of the problem and the answer at any time. All the problems are dictated in the computerized voice and here also you can change the volume and the speed for it. This app also runs in background so you can also handle other important smartphone related tasks while taking a session.

For best effective results, it is recommended to use this app with some physical activity that could be running or jogging. Healthier minds is now just few clicks away, simply click the link below and purchase it for the sum of $1.99.