Hum A Hit is the World’s First Voice-controlled Music Sequencer

If you’re a musician you should know how frustrating it is when you get a brilliant idea for your next piece of music only to find that you’re sitting on the bus with no way of capturing that inspirational moment. Well, now you can with iPhone app Hum A Hit. The app allow users to record their music ideas whenever and wherever they are.

As the idea flows you are able to choose from a number of different musical instruments, guitars, piano, synths and bass. The app is pack with features, so much you wouldn’t expect to find from a music dictaphone app. The app built-in recorder makes it all easy to get started. The instruments varies and includes a piano, a bass, 2 guitars and 2 synths, their is the mic mode to switch things up. Hum A Hit works prefect with the iRig Mic to provide a high quality recording. Once your project is complete, you will be able to save and export to other compatible programs and even email it. The tempo control is really cool because it allows user to speed up or slow down the BPM.

Hum A Hit is easy to use and the layout are straight forward. On launching the app you will be prompted to either start a new project or load one that you have already started. You they get on with your music. The app is £0.99 a tidy discount from it’s usual price of £2.99.

According to the developer “The application is far complete and various additional updates and improvements are planned for the app as the number of downloads rises. We therefore encourage you to be an active part of Hum A Hit’s development and to help expand its capabilities by making a download from the App Store, in order to make this the most powerful voice-controlled music software on the market.”

If you’re a musician it might just be an essential app to have with you.