Jailbreak iOS 10, Five Reasons you Probably Shouldn’t Just Yet

If you’re into jailbreaking your iOS device you will surely be aware that there is a beta version for jailbreaking iOS 10 available right now. Luca Todesco is the hacker behind the latest tool and seem to be working of in flat out. However we strongly advised against running the tool and trying to hack your device a this point. Not only because the tool is in Beta version but a few more reasons why. Check them out below:

  1. A lot of tweaks will not be ready for iOS 10 and developers will be looking to update them. But obviously this will take some time. Cydia Substrate isn’t fully ready and as such will cause issues with your device.
  2. The jailbreak is still semi-untethered, meaning you can still reboot your device but you will have to follow steps that some might find frustrating before you can start using the jailbreak again.
  3. Support for your device is probably non-existence. The hacker is spending more time trying to sort the tool at the moment so he will not be issuing any support for your device should anything go wrong. I suggest you wait until Luca Todesco give the word that the tool is ready for the general public.
  4. The tool is not a one click GUI and require you to use a computer (not a Mac) and Cydia impactor to get it running.
  5. If it all goes wrong if you try to use the tool to jailbreak then you might have to restore you’re device through iTunes. However, you will be push to restore to iOS 10.2 because Apple have stopped signing iOS 10.1.1.

I suggest that you all wait until the tool is well out of Beta and gets cleared by the well known in the jailbreak community.