Yuri is an iOS platformer that channels Mario and Where the Wild Things Are

Yuri, from Paris-based studio Fingerlab, has a dash of Limbo and a heavy sprinkling of Mario. And it has other influences from beyond the gaming world, including Tintin and Where the Wild Things Are.

The little cartoon man of the title is named after Yuri Gagarin, the first person to enter outer space. But instead of going into space, this little Yuri explores a beautiful nocturnal landscape while riding on a bed with wheels.

You have to travel with Yuri through this surreal world, jumping on dragonflies, sliding on caterpillars, riding on the backs of giant spiders, and meeting the odd elephant-sized cat.

Yuri – The Game – Video Trailer from Fingerlab on Vimeo.

In terms of gameplay, Yuri is a fairly traditional platformer in which you have to jump, swing, and dodge obstacles across ten huge stages. You’ll need to think fast and keep your hands steady to survive.

But the really interesting thing about this game is the way it looks and sounds.

Yuri, the brainchild of multimedia artists Ange and Aurélien Potier, has been around for over ten years, appearing first in animated films and then in comic strips. He’s a richly drawn character who inhabits a richly imagined universe, and now you can experience Yuri’s world in interactive form thanks to the magic of videogames.

At least, you can if you have an iOS device, a Mac, or Apple TV. Yuri is available now for $2.99, with no in-app purchases.