Manage All your Household Bills in One Place With WonderBill

I’m a person that believe in keeping an eye on the bills I pay out on a monthly basis. It makes me feel so much more in control of what I’m doing and if there is some extra charges coming up I know what to look out for. On previous occasions I’ve had to login to each and everyone of my utility accounts to see how much I will be paying for the month. However I’ve discovered WonderBill, a great new and convenient way to keep track of my Gas, Electric, Broadband, Phone, TV and mobile service.

Imagine, everything in one place and you can easily view on desktop or from your iPhone. Track exactly how much you’re spending. WonderBill main aim is to help you save money by analysing your bills and offering better deals that might be available on the market.  You will be able to switch providers easy and effortlessly if you wish to.

To get started all you need to do is sign up for free. You then choose a bill category, select a provider, link your account by signing in with your provider username and password. Once you submit the login details for a provider, WonderBill then gets the bills for that service usually within 48 hours. Your data is protected by encryption and secure storage methods and policies. WonderBill cost absolutely nothing and only make money by recommending cheaper and possible better deals to save you money. So it’s more of a win win situation.

WonderBill is easy to start with and the only length of time you spend is waiting on the service bill data to upload. Like I mention, it’s free and worth trying. You can see all the data on the go from your iPhone, iPad or smartphone. If you want to save money then why not have a go.