Never miss the best places to visit around you with GabberМap

In the past few years, navigation apps have revolutionized the way we travel. One does not need to stop at every other turn to ask for directions in a new city, the automated voice in our phone takes care of everything. Even when you are in your hometown, looking for new places becomes excessively easy: Cafes, pubs, ATMs, Hospitals are all a part of these interactive apps.

Though Google has traditionally been the frontrunner in the field, new location sharing apps are coming up every day to cater to the ever-increasing consumer base. Here for this review we have brought an app for you that will make you forget about the other traditional maps. Well! We are talking about, GabberMap.

What is GabberMap?

GabberMap is a smart travel and social app that features amazing content that you will never get with other similar apps for iOS devices. This recommendations app allows you to share cool spots and information in your neighborhood in few easy steps. You can also see what other peoples have shared and you can even look at the comments about particular place if you never visited before and you are planning now to visit.

Key features

  • Always be updated about any kind of event in particular area.
  • You can follow experts to know more about certain area and the best events
  • You can map anything you want and post any information or pictures you want to.
  • This app is the best and handy city guide with detailed information about the streets and even you can find the historical information about the places you want to visit.
  • Easy to use searching option to search for anything you desire.
  • You can even participate in conversations about the particular place.

The app is free to download for your iOS device, install it today and have the best places to hangout around you.