Want to Get More Out of Your iPhone in 2017? 6 Ways That Help to Get Utmost

Over the years, Apple’s iPhone is ruling the smartphone industry as it birthed an entire industry surrounding app development by streamlining the process for searching, purchasing, and installing applications through the Apple App Store – something we widely take for granted these days.

You can think of all the applications and processes you rely on from checking and responding to emails, to the apps you are using to stay organized, even entertainment and personal media, alarm clocks and social media.

Today, numerous things happen in our lives and with the connection of entire lives to our phones like communicating, online transactions, etc., using an iPhone can start to feel chaotic.

If you wanted to get more out of your iPhone in 2017 and stay organized, we have gathered six different ways to get the utmost from your iPhone.

Make Use of Virtual Personal Assistant

Well, if you are thinking that we are talking about Siri, the reality is that there is a huge work that needs to be done in Siri and inclines to just add one more difficulty to using your iPhone.

As the main aim is to streamline and make the whole workflows more effective, you can try using a virtual assistant whose main aim is to help manage you. There are applications like EasilyDo that show information proactively that you would usually forget no matter whether it is checking a travel itinerary or remember to pick up a package.

This high-end application will allow you to know which emails are waiting on a response and sets alerts for emails and auto-forwarding. It is considered as the closest thing to having an actual personal assistant. In addition to this, the app also helps users to make all those calendar reminders and notifications actionable.

Allow Battery Percentage

When it comes to talking about the battery percentage, it is something that you are expecting to be enabled on the iPhone by default, but for some reason. It is advisable to you that you should switch it on, however. All you wanted to do is misjudge how much juice you have, leave the house, and have your device die on you.

  1. First, you open-up Settings.
  2. Tap on Battery.
  3. You can do is slide the toggle next to the Battery Percentage option from OFF to ON.

Tame Your Inbox

Email is possibly the main offender in terms of taking both time and resources out of your day and iPhone. These days, expedient email responses are not just expected, they are important.

Maximum of us are working in organizations where email is the most important form of communication, and it is outside of the daily tasks, bills, reminders, notes and more that are already sent to us through the medium.

You should begin to organize your inbox and make sense of the confusion with an app that helps develop tasks out of your email. ActiveInbox: The Ultimate Gmail Task Manager is the best example of an app that converts your inbox into a workflow organizer.

This application is known for giving emails deadlines and due dates and help you notate emails as tasks that you can add to your CRM or calendar. Even it is helpful in highlighting the most relevant points in emails, providing you separate folders for projects and works amazingly between your iPhone and our browser.

Therefore, you will not see two different things when you look at your email inbox. Even it will schedule emails for you to send later. It means there are few chances of you forgetting to send it yourself.

Organizing Your Phone into Files

As we all are surely doing this with our files on our computer; however, it is rare that we spread over that same logic to our iPhones. What if you can have an easy access to your files and applications and get huge help in regaining some logic about where everything is in your iPhone and get more productive in the process.

As there are few hard limitations to the data storage, your phone has space for; however, there are also constraints on how long your files will be accessible for you in Apple’s iCloud.

Rather than you pay for a subscription, you can renew, after already committing to top dollar for your iPhone itself. You can consider an advanced third-party cloud storage subscription like the pCloud Premium Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription.

With this safe and secure web storage space, you can get an easy access to the location for your work files, videos, files, music, media and more – up to 500GB of cloud storage and 500GB of download link traffic.

You can do is back up all your files without bothering about how you are going to search them later. For a complete security, this high-end solution employs 256-bit TLS/SSL connection.

Secure Your Data

Finally, the last thing you need to bother about how safe your data is on your phone, including sensitive personal information, probably live somewhere in your iPhone and work files. You can read this important blog on how essential it is for iPhone users to use a VPN, but just in case, you missed it, VPNs add an extra sense of peace of mind and security to Apple’s robust iOS.

Your personal VPN solution will help you out against the risk of your personal information that being hacked; however, there may be some workplace security issue.

A VPN such as VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription will protect your iPhone regardless of whether you are on public Wi-Fi connection or in your own home by encrypting your IP address and location.

Apple’s Cloud is Not the Only Cloud

Do you know that iPhone can use other cloud providers and online services? Yes, iPhone users can use other cloud providers’ services they can simple add accounts provided by Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, AOL or an Exchange server. The option is under “Settings – Mail – Contacts, Calendars – Accounts’.

In any case, if you are already in these clouds, you must add them in and download the additional apps like Google Calendar, Gmail and the Google Docs apps, OneNote for Microsoft, Office 365 and more. Gone are the days, when a phone being a complete data island, but now you do need to do a little bit of work so that you can get your cross-platform clouds working.

So, these are the top 6 ways to get more out of your iPhone in 2017 and make effective use of your device. Moreover, you can also get your own application with requisite features of your choice; you just need to get in touch with a leading iPhone app development company that has been dealing in the iPhone app industry from years.