anyoption: The Ultimate Trading App

iPhoneGlance - AnyOption

The trading app anyoption was launched in the year 2008. In the past eight years, it has provided a well executed, trading platform to its binary traders. Owned by Ouroboros investment firm, anyoption is a member of Investors Compensation Fund. Trusted by thousands of traders around the world, the trading company is one of a kind.

About the platform:

anyoption offers over 100 binary options to the traders. Each of these options can have different expiry options; all of them featured on the app and the website.

Some features which make the app unique:

  •    Interface: When it comes to the interface, users like to use an app which will fit into every type of mobile screen. anyoption lives up to everyone’s expectations when it comes to the interface. The navigation is sleek, professional and offers one of the best user experiences without compromising on quality and functionality.
  •    Banking: The App offers the traders a deposit feature, which is directly called in from the interface. The traders can deposit funds using credit cards and Bank Wires.
  •    Option+: Traders can sell their options, before the options expiry date and time. The interface provides an option to close the binary option at the quoted price as well as wait until the expiry date and time to surrender the option. Both options are available to the users.
  •    Charting: Another unique feature of the app is the Charting experience. Although the app offers charts using a single line chart, it does not hinder it from looking visual and grand in its approach. The background of the graph changes basis your investment and the underlying asset type. The visuals aid in enhancing the user’s experience, making it an instant hit with the users. For example, if your underlying asset is oil, the chart will show an oil rig in the background. The chart also showcases an explanation of the asset being invested in along with the time till expiry.
  •    My Account: Like any other trading app, the My Account feature contains all the possible information one might need related to the account. The Account section also features any bonuses you might have claimed, trading history, settled trades as well as personal banking details.
  •    Support: Using the interface, you can even contact the creators of the app in case of any issues/concerns. Use the “Call Us” button to place an immediate call to the support team of

Pros of the app:

  •    The app is flexible and rather simple to use. It can be utilised efficiently by beginners as well as experienced traders’.
  •    There are a wide variety of trading options to choose from, making the trading process quite extensive.
  •    The app offers an excellent bouquet of trading services, each of which are directed at different segments of the trading world.

Cons of the app:

  •    Since the app is standard for beginners and experienced users, the major drawback is that beginners also have to use real money to trade.
  •    The payout rate is limited to 85% of the real time earnings, which is lesser than the other trading platform returns in the market.

anyoption is probably the first company to offer a sophisticated trading platform, which offers such intelligent services to the users. Ever since its launch, the broker has amassed a lot of positive feedback for its services and is riding high on the waves of success.