Get your Apple AirPods Painted Black

After a couple of months delay, Apple have finally release the AirPods to the public. The wireless headphones however only comes in white at the moment and if you feel for a change then you can now get them painted black. I am not talking about home-made paint but professionally done and looks amazing. The AirPods look great but they could look greater, thanks to a company call BlackPods. BlackPods uses a coating system specifically made for the AirPods to look and feel great.

For a cost of $99 you can send your AirPods to the company and they do the rest. The process takes about 3 days and the company will send them back to you. You also have the option of purchasing a pair of AirPods already coated in black for $249. So if you think that you would prefer your AirPods in Black then why not give them a try.