ON/OFF Photo gives control over the photos you’ve sent and spares you from frustration

There’s a good chance you have at least a few files on your mobile device that are private and you’d like to keep from others seeing. But, some of you may be wondering how do you ensure that people won’t see these private photos I’ve shared with them already. Here is where ON/OFF Photo comes in place and gives you amazing features that will assure complete control over your photos.

At its core ON/OFF Photo is an application that can hide, delete and manage photos already sent to your friends. And it does this flawlessly. What is even more important, the app does this flawlessly and very fast. No frustrating moments about thinking how your photos are being used by your friends or family, or maybe ex crushes or boyfriends/girlfriends.

Another great thing about ON/OFF Photo is that it is really simple to use. Anyone can take control over the shared photos just following the next steps:

– Select one or more photos you want to sent

– Share them via your desired app: Whatsapp, iMessage, messenger etc.

– Turn ON/OFF the photo i.e leave it viewable or delete it from the other phone’s screen

The app is really light and offers fast and powerful performance. No matter the size of the photos, the app is perfectly optimized and loads everything very fast. It is a nice photo management tool too. Additionally, when someone views your photo, you can receive a notification and even chat/joke with your friends about that particular photo. Indeed, it is a great photo deletion app that is worth having!