Perform Self-Assessment and Work In Line With International Standards with CristalCheck – Cristal International Standards

Hoteliers and hotel owners works as full-time executives. They need to manage thousand things (read issues) round the clock. On top of that there is a huge pressure for hoteliers with all of the different food, safety, hygiene standards. Here we can help with the today review of CristalCheck – Cristal International Standards.

While giving full attention to your hotel business, you cannot sacrifice your leisure trips or vacations, with your family, on exotic destinations. Therefore, you make the most of your iPhone, which can help you perform many functions essential for your business. There are tons of apps from the same genre are available in the Appstore, but none of them truly offers the versatility and helpfulness of CristalCheck.

What is CristalCheck – Cristal International Standards?

Cristal International Standards is a new app about hotels businesses for iOS that allows it users to track the areas of quality and risk managements by means of its data collection tools. It is the best and handy solution for the owners of hotel, guesthouse, or even a restaurants to maintain the quality assurance on go and help them to improve these areas to boost their businesses. Here is what exactly it includes.


Supervises food hygiene and measures performance under global standards.


Check that the pool water is safe and that the surrounding area is under control.


It ensures control and channeling water that meets all related to the legislation.


Audits current standards within sustainability and sets new goals for the future.


Allows studying possible scenarios to natural disasters and helps plan

Put your services and in essence, your business, at your fingertips through a well-designed, intuitive and user-friendly app. Integrate your business with the best business app on iOS

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