Never Wish Death Upon a Printer Again, With Happy2Print

The great Sir Isaac Newton was a man of few words. Known for his scientific discoveries in the fields of physics and mathematics, he chose to spend much of his free time solely with his own company. Aside from his intellectual superiority, the few who did spend time in Newton’s presence uncommonly knew him best for comically and frequently yelling: “why won’t this damn printer connect?!”

In fact, scholars and forward thinkers alike have been plagued with printing troubles for centuries. Following in Newton’s footsteps, theoretical physicist Albert Einstein expressed similar woes. After spending years trying to invent the world’s first stress-free printing device, he eventually gave up; declaring it couldn’t be done, instead settling for the creation of the world’s most famous equation.

If you’ve ever found yourself looking deep into space, longing to introduce the office printer to your favorite sledgehammer, you’re not alone. Or perhaps you find yourself day-dreaming about slowly pouring a refreshing glass of water through the cracks to watch your home printer fry. If this is the case, there’s no better or more efficient way to cure these dark thoughts than with Happy2Print.


As the collective human brain defeated diseases such as smallpox and polio, the printing epidemic continued soaring to greater heights. As technology evolved, so too did the ever-present threat of printer-incompatibility. Fortunately, the fine folks over at Aftograf LLC have finally conquered the impossible and solved one of life’s greatest annoyances.

Happy2Print lets you print any and all kind of files directly from your smartphone or tablet. Photos, contacts, documents, web pages, and even emails along with their attachments, can all be printed effortlessly. Simply connect your phone to a printer via Wi-Fi, Windows Shared Printers, or Google Cloud Print, and do everything from the palm of your hand, no computer necessary.

Say goodbye to installing drivers on your computer, and printers that just won’t connect no matter how many times you connect and disconnect the USB cable. Happy2Print works with all printers that have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities. Select the printer from the top of the page, and navigate the list of specific file types which allow you to print in the most organized and convenient way possible.

Printers will never haunt your thoughts or give you the cold shoulder again. Unfortunate citizens from the past such as Newton and Einstein died believing that no good can come from attempting to print selfies from the work Christmas party. Don’t be like them; if printing troubles are getting you down, you owe it to yourself to try Happy2Print – available for free now on iOS and Android.