See Beneath The Surface With Skooba Dating App

Skooba is a new and fresh dating site that will leave your dating life completely reinvigorated. Forget the shallow-focused dating apps of the past and get ready for the new trend in dating. This app allows you to take photos and videos, caption them, and stick them up on your wall. Once uploaded, users nears you can see your posts and like them – just like most social media platforms If they like your post you’ll get nuked and can decide whether you want to take things further with messaging and eventually meeting! And that’s the unique selling point of Skooba – it does a fantastic job of bringing a social focus to the online dating world – something that has been previously sorely missed.

With this app there is no need to worry about your security or your privacy, the app does great at taking just what it needs and no more. It’ll need access to both your Facebook account and your location. Providing your Facebook account gives it information used to fill in your profile information – such as email, name, age etc – so that sign up is super simple and quick, and the app only uses your location while you’re on the app so that it can connect you to potential matches nearby.

If you’ve ever used dating apps you’ll be sorely aware of the wasted time spent swiping, messaging, and meeting people you have nothing in common with and that you’d never choose to meet if you’d only known. On the other side, you’ll not miss out on opportunities you might have otherwise turned down based solely off less than flattering photos stop wasting your time picking your dates based solely off of unflattering, old images and start picking your partners based off of your compatibility, shared interests, and personality. Don’t worry, the images will still be there for your scrutiny, but it just won’t be the focus anymore. So don’t wait around, get yourself Skooba for your iPhone and you’ll completely change the way you think about dating and 10x your chances of finding someone you really fits!