Enjoy a different travel experience with Geodventure

Travel apps are in many ways a great companion that help us plan trips more cleverly, and become more efficient travelers overall. What used to take guidebooks, maps, and concierges to do is now streamlined with a single app. But many travel apps started to become way too similar. The app that we will present today is something extremely fresh and different than any similar app we’ve reviewed. We are talking about the unique travel app: Geodventure.

You’ll love Geodventure app because it one of the best ways to capture and share your travel experiences. It is based on geolocated stories from the famous places and streets around the world. Selecting the best and right travel story is in your hand. You can both enjoy the stories and share your own that other users may enjoy. Explore the beauty of world and share with millions of people around the globe. Let the others admire these hidden beauties.

Ongoing Campaign

Geodventure also allows you to post your stories of traveling and if you do it in February you will rewarded by discounts in their store. It is the first app of its kind that is offering such wonderful features to users. Using this travel app is so easy and you will definitely find the user-friendly interface. In order to start working with this app, all you have to do is create your account within the app.

The app is presently available for iOS devices and soon this app will be release for the devices using Android OS. Download it to day and see what the traveling world hold for you in on of the best travel apps. Direct download link to the app is present at the end.