Cupid Knows, a newly developed app that will bring a new twist in your love life

With a busy workweek and myriad social obligations, it is often difficult to find time for ourselves let alone our significant others. However, most would agree that a healthy relationship requires plenty of quality time as well as mutual effort. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps on the market specifically designed to help strengthen our romantic relationships. Some assist you with synchronizing time slots and planning date nights, while others propose ideas to spice up the romance. So while searching for apps from this category we have found app, Cupid Knows

What is Cupid Knows?

Cupid Knows is the best and amazing app you should have to use for this Valentine.  if you are  on a date with your love or if you planning to date your love or maybe you either you are thinking to propose your love this Valentine and there are some questions in your mind that are troubling you, than it is an amazing pick for you.

How it works?

This app lets you ask the questions you are curious about, from the cupid the love guru. Moreover, the cupid answers these questions. Working with this app is so easy just enter your desired question in you search toolbox and hit the submit button. The next moments you will see that cupid replies your question and display it in beautifully drawn heart on the screen. Moreover, you many questions as you like and even for the same question, means as if you are not satisfied with first answer you could repeat the same process. The cupid will answer again with another answer, which is funny too.

There are 120 answers saved in the app and it magical algorithm pick out the best possible answer. Download it today to have fun-filled Valentine with magical long lasting memories. It is available for both iOS and android without any cost. Direct download link to the app is present at the end.