How to Keep your iPhone Looking and Working Like New

Since the first generation, fans have treated their iPhones like delicate, precious babies in a bid to keep them looking factory fresh. Everyone who’s ever owned an iPhone does it, but most of us still end up with a cracked screen or a muffled speaker, and it’s never any less painful. The truth is that it takes more than careful hands and a reverent appreciation to keep your iPhone looking as shiny and sleek as it did the day you brought it home, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, you can maintain that new phone sparkle.

Don’t Skip the Screen Protector

It’s tempting to think that you don’t need a screen protector, but you do. Even if you go six months without a single scratch on your screen, it will happen. One awful day, you’ll shove your phone into your pocket or your handbag, and it will rub up against your keys or a zipper, and you’ll find a big, fat scratch on the surface when you pull it out again. Prevention is the best cure of all, so take the extra precaution and attach a screen protector to your phone. Most store employees will do it, sometimes for free.

Spring for a Protective Case

Image via Flickr by .dz

A strong protective case is another essential. Too many iPhone fans skip this part because they want to show off their phone itself, which is understandable, as the new generation has some stunning colors. However, a clear case is better than nothing at all. Wherever possible, though, go for heavy duty. In fact, it’s worthwhile to consider a case with a built-in screen protector. Think about opting for something waterproof, as well. Although the powerful iPhone 7 can withstand water to an extent, it can’t handle a free fall to the ground.

Clean the Screens

Aside from the main screen, which you should also clean, pay attention to the speaker screens located at the bottom of the phone. If you notice that the sound through the speaker is in any way muffled, garbled, or echoing, then there’s probably gunk, dust, or other debris disrupting the sound quality. Dip a Q-tip in a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol to wipe them, or use a cleaning kit.

Avoid Using Household Products

Image via Flickr by Pat Pilon

Since Windex and other common household cleaners work on windows, mirrors, and anything else made of glass, certainly those products are suitable for cleaning your iPhone, right? Wrong. Household cleaners are often too strong and too abrasive. The chemicals in them can erode the coating on the casing of your phone. Furthermore, if it gets into any cracks or crevices, the liquid can damage the inner components. It’s far better to invest in products that are specially made for phones.

Don’t Overcharge the Battery

Image via Flickr by Paul Hudson

A dying battery is the scariest thing to any smartphone user. Once it gets lower than 60 percent, the worry sets in, and it’s common to look for a charger immediately. There’s such a thing as overcharging your battery, however. Once your phone reaches 100 percent of its battery life, it’s time to unplug it. If you keep it charging, it will degrade the life of your battery, which decreases the overall life of your phone, as well. It sounds terrifying, but drain the battery once or twice a month.

Shut It Down

When’s the last time you turned off your phone? Most of us leave it on pretty much all the time and don’t bother restarting it unless an update forces the issue. Leaving it on all the time is unhealthy for the phone, though. Specifically, the iPhone is sensitive to temperature, so it can overheat if you leave it on constantly. It doesn’t hurt to take an occasional break from technology, anyway. Why not charge your phone to 100 percent and then turn it off overnight?

These tips are easy to follow, so there’s no reason for your iPhone to get old before its time. The initial cost of a phone case and a screen protector is minimal compared to how much they benefit your phone.