6 ways that Paramon Clash: Evolution is a Pokemon-beater

Let’s not beat around the bush here: Paramon Clash: Evolution is a great monster catching RPG that sees you wandering through a fantastic land, throwing balls to try and capture little creatures, and then fighting them in flashy and exciting duels. So yeah, it sounds familiar. It sounds a little like Pokemon.

But trust us, there’s an awful lot more going on in this gem than you might at first think. In fact, it’s got a lot of things going for it that make the Pokemon games look like a waste of your time and effort. What sorts of things, you might be asking. Well, these sorts of things.

1- It’s free

While the latest Pokemon game is going to set you back around $50, it’s not going to cost you anything to grab Paramon Clash: Evolution from the App Store. And that means you can jump into the monster catching and evolving fun without having to throw anything down up front.

2- You can play it on your phone

Whereas playing Pokemon means you’re going to have to buy a different handheld console, you can play Paramon Clash: Evolution on your phone or tablet. That means you’re always going to have your Paramon in your pocket wherever you go. Got some downtime at work? Go earn some XP and catch some more monsters then. Train’s been delayed? See if you can finish off that tricky battle.

3- It’s more social

Whereas Pokemon is very much a single-player game, Paramon Clash: Evolution offers you the chance to interact with other players. There are hubs full of other characters, and you can join clans and fight other players for supremacy. The MMO elements really open up the experience and let you make connections that Pokemon just doesn’t.

4- The monsters are cooler

Even the starter monsters have got more swagger than your standard Pokemon. And some of the evolutions – the different phases of advancement that your creatures move through – really do look incredible. It makes you want to push deeper into the game to get the coolest-looking, toughest team of Paramon that you can.

5- It’s easier to pick up and play

If you’re new to Pokemon games then you might be a bit lost to begin with. There are a lot of buttons and mechanics that might fly over your head. Paramon Clash: Evolution is a much simpler prospect. A few taps here and there and you’ll be throwing your Paramon into battle and watching them get stronger before your very eyes.

6- There’s more to do

There’s a huge story to sink your teeth into here, but that’s just the start of it. Paramon Clash: Evolution makes sure that you’ve always got something to do. There are tougher challenges to compete in, special events that’ll keep you coming back and checking the app on a regular basis, and plenty more besides. And it’s a game that’s going to, if you’ll excuse the pun, keep evolving in the future too.