Celebrity Hollywood App Review

Every now and again we all like to feel like a celebrity. But to honest, if we are not an actress or a footballer there are no chances of getting the paparazzi to take our picture. However, we have come across an app that allows you to act like a celebrity and get a feeling of the great lifestyle majority of us cannot afford to live. Celebrity Hollywood app gives you the chance to date and dump other celebs, go shopping like a true rockstar, strut your stuff on the red carpet, do interviews and stay in first class hotels just like a top class celebrity.

The aim of the game is to do your best has a celebrity, by playing as Kacie Hollywood. You will need to do as much as possible, in turn you will gain more followers and game currency. This will inevitable get you to the top of the leaderboard. You will be able to do movie roles and musicals.

The app is free to download. Once loaded you are greeted with the option to play or head to the store. In the store option you can purchase the full game for only $1.99. Once go to play, you will have only Hollywood as the destination to play. The other destinations you will be able to unlock as you progress through the game. Once you’re in Hollywood you can head over to the Hair Salon or to the kung Fu takeaway to pick up some chow mein for $250 a pot. Go to the studio read the script and get the part in the movie. Record a worldwide smash hit song and video, go on tour and win music awards. Attend an exclusive runway fashion show. That’s just a few of the many things that you can do.


– Travel the world to different cities and go shopping with hundreds of items to buy including clothes, handbags, shoes, cars, yachts and even private jets!
– Locations include Paris, New York, Cannes, Beverly Hills and Aspen.
– Do TV interviews and choose to be a nice or a nasty celebrity
– Feel like a celeb as the paparazzi follow you almost everywhere!
– Date and dine with other celebs and avoid the paparazzi
– Own apartments in different cities where you can mix and match dress styles
– Visit the gym or dance class to earn workout points
– Go to makeup stores and then scuba dive or water ski
– Visit exclusive night clubs with VIP rooms
– Attend an exclusive runway fashion show
– Walk the red carpet at movie premieres and attend A-List only parties
– Win movie awards after completing movie shoots
– Record a worldwide smash hit song and video, go on tour and win music awards

Download the app for free to try before you get the full version for only $1.99.