Paramon Clash: Evolution on mobile is the perfect Pokemon alternative

Paramon Clash: Evolution may look strikingly familiar from a distance, but this mobile-exclusive multiplayer RPG from Fangcun Interactive more than gives the mighty Pokemon a run for its money.

The game sees you embarking on a fantasy quest to collect as many Paramon as you can before evolving them and getting into battles with other players. You can also join forces for co-op play.

Paramon Clash: Evolution has some impressive multiplayer features, including live voice chat and real-time turn-based fights. The fights themselves are super-slick, letting you bust out special moves and spells with simple taps and swipes.

But fighting is just one part of the game. You’ll also spend your time exploring a rich world and catching Paramon. The world is made up of several environments, including desert, forest, and cave. You’ll also get to learn new skills and improve your homeland.

We love how Paramon Clash: Evolution looks, thanks to its ultra-cute graphics and impressively diverse monster designs. We also love that it doesn’t cost a cent. The game gives you the chance to get ahead with IAPs, but there’s plenty of fun to be had without them.
Paramon Clash: Evolution is available in the US and many other territories right now, so try it out for free. [App Store / Google Play]