Space Jumper – the retro jump shooter you’ll warmly go back to play

We all played retro shoot and jumpers on the old gaming consoles. We’ve also seen more than a few examples of a great action shooter platformer currently published on the App Store, reminiscent of old-school classics like Contra and Metal Slug. And blends between a platformer and a shooter game have become fairly common. That is why today we will speak about a great retro jump and shoot game in the name of Space Jumper.

At its core, Space Jumper is a classic type of arcade game that is from its core a basic jumping game but it also involves some of the characteristics of classic jumping game. Now in the game you are the one who has the controls to keep alive, one beautiful, yet so hard and empowering female character Hana. As Hana is the captain of space and she is on the mission to defeat some invaders, zombies and space ships that are her planet.

Hana has the weapons and the skills to battle her opponents. Thus help her and play using different weapons. The sound effects and the whole retro graphic settings may make you go back in the childhood. The whole gaming environment is charming. The ultimate goal of the game is to achieve the highest scores. If you are proud with your score you can share it with your friends.

The game will always leave you wanting for more. It’s upbeat, dynamic and truly exciting because of the set of enemies. Get it for free on the App Store, you’ll definitely have a shooting and jumping game you’ll love to play in your free time!