3 Reasons You Should Be Creating Your Own Apps

Have you ever said, “There should be an app for that?” Maybe you just have a killer way to improve on an app that already exists. Why not put that creativity and resourcefulness to work? Our world runs on apps these days. We have apps for everything from our grocery list to locating the best clubs to operating electronics in our homes. With such a wide open field to contribute to the global conversation, there is no reason not to jump in. Here are three reasons why you should: :

  1. Learning Has Never Been So Accessible

Pick your poison. Want to teach yourself? Prefer to learn from an expert? No time for the classroom? Prefer that hands on experience? Whatever your preference, you can learn how to code these days in little to no time at all! In fact, with a coding bootcamp, you could be a full stack developer in as little as nine months! Just Google “learn how to code” and be amazed at how many options are at your fingertips! There are online options that allow you to learn at your own pace or with the help of a mentor. There are software programs available to provide test environments for practice. There are night schools where you can interact with a professional a couple days a week. With so many options to learning, there has never been a more convenient or affordable time to learn this skill..

  1. The Market is  Massive

It’s estimated that approximately 2.16 billion people have smartphones. 2.16 BILLION diverse people with a plethora of needs and interests. Even if the app you want to develop is in a niche market for even a fraction of this demographic, you’ve found an excellent chance of success! The great part is that this demographic isn’t shrinking either. With so many inexpensive smartphones on the market now, sales continue to grow across socioeconomic groups to include a larger and larger portion of the population. Combine that with ever expanding and improving wireless technology and you have a recipe for success!

  1. It’s Fun and Fulfilling

Why not challenge yourself? Test your skills! It’s a fun and fulfilling way to create something with the potential to impact millions of people. With today’s technology, the sky’s the limit! If your mind can conceive it and your skills can match it, you have the ability to contribute to this global conversation of diverse ideas and functions. Whether it’s the next Angry Birds or Mint, your app could be the next big thing in entertainment or utility, but you will never know if you don’t try. What could be more fulfilling than knowing you’ve created something unique and all on your own? That kind of satisfaction comes from stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. You can find some of the Best mobile applications to help children with autism at Autism Parenting Magazine.

You can probably think of a million more reasons that are specific to your own desires or app ideas! The list of possibilities is as endless as the list of reasons to get involved and start building your own apps. So, what’s there to think about? Branch out and get started! Share your unique genius with the world!