5 Apps That Let You Earn Money from Your Smartphone

Various gadgets and especially smartphones are extremely popular among people of all ages. They are used not only as a mean of communication but as a way of making additional money due to reliable applications. For instance, it can be different photo apps – when one makes pictures and gets money for it or one can simply watch ads and also receive income for it.

All you have to do to start making money due to a smartphone is just to register on websites, download their applications, games and watch ads.

Apart from that, there are apps that pay a certain fee when some tasks are done. The earned money can be withdrawn on a phone, electronic wallets, etc.

Mobile slots

Free mobile app “Mobile Slots” provides its clients with an opportunity to visit a luxurious casino with hundreds of slots suited to every fancy. It constantly adds new and original video slots with additional functions and options. The major advantage of “Mobile Slots” is a possibility to play anytime and anywhere a person wants. There are no limits – everything is developed for users’ comfort, security and a nice profitable pastime. All virtual slot machines work quickly; have an interesting interface that is great for smartphones with any display.

Not only this mobile app assists people earning money. Generally, visiting various mobile casinos can be beneficial and profitable. Just have a look at spinslot It has free bonuses, a wide range of games, multiple features and options won’t allow you to stay indifferent.


In order to work in this service, there is a need to download a special application on the site. As soon as it is done, install it and proceed to further registration.  The payment for tasks here is different depending on the level and complexity. Tasks can vary from just downloading the app to writing a comment or a feedback. The money is withdrawn on the phone or WebMoney wallet.


This is an amazing application that is used by thousands of people thanks to smartphones or any other mobile device. At first, download the app from Google Play and install on a smartphone. Registration is not needed. Tasks here are not difficult, e.g. installation, opening, watching some advertisements, etc. Withdrawals can be via QIWI, WebMoney or a phone.


The main idea of this profitable app is to download as many apps on an Android smartphone as it is possible. But there are also some differences: WHAFF is in English language and withdrawals can be in dollars and even Euros via PayPal, Steam, Google Play and many other methods. Also, it is not only about downloading lots of apps but earning money by playing some offered games and inviting friends.

AppCoinsAppCoins – is a great income for Android and iOS smartphone owners. It should be installed and authorised through Facebook. For making certain tasks, AppCoins pays from $0.5 and up to $12. Working from 2 devices it is possible to make twice more money. Involve friends and relatives or just people from your social networks. By doing so, the app pays you 10% from involved people’s profit. Also, if you visit the app 7 days a week then you get another 10%. Money is usually paid through PayPal, WebMoney or right on the phone.

Having a smartphone and some spare time, don’t hesitate to try these profitable and interesting apps.