Endless Frontier is a fiendishly addictive idle RPG from Ekkorr

Incremental games are more popular than ever before, and the mobile market is brimming with weird and wonderful clickers to while away the hours. There are ones where you bake cookies, ones where you farm catnip, ones where you pimp your bonfire – and ones where you engage in an endless battle with the forces of evil. The latter sums up genre crossover Endless Frontier pretty nicely.

South Korean developer Ekkorr released Endless Frontier last year, and it’s been addicting mobile gamers ever since. Mixing RPG tropes with incremental gaming isn’t a new idea, but Endless Frontier manages to combine elements in a way that makes it distinctive.

The premise is an endless battle between good and evil, with the odds heavily stacked against your band of fighters. As they autoquest their way through 1,500 levels of enemies, you can sit back and worry about where all that gold you’re winning is spent.

There are over 100 heroes to unlock and as you progress to later stages more become available to you. Reach level 150, and you’ll be able to farm pets, too – offering useful buffs to your units during battle.

Aside from the standard mode, you can challenge your heroes against other players, which is unusual for an incremental game like this. There are one-on-one PvP battles so you can see how your units hold up in competition. There’s also a guild system, offering co-operative and adversarial play. So if you like a little competition in a clicker, Endless Frontier has you covered.

There are opportunities for micro-transactions, but the game isn’t bogged down by the likes of a Gacha lottery like so many free-to-play apps.

If an idle game with RPG features is just what you need to keep you entertained, you can download Endless Frontier from the App Store and Google Play for free.