7 iPhone Functions You’ve Never Heard Of

Just got a new iPhone 7? Exciting right? Wait until you get a hold of what it can do.

The iPhone is an iconic piece of design known for being functional, concise, and easy to understand. People back at Apple know that everything has to be about the user. Techies and non-techies alike can attest to the fact that iPhones are easy to use and easy to understand. In fact, some of the best open source testing tools in the market allow websites to adjust seamlessly to the Apple’s iOS

However, not all users get to maximize the iPhone’s full capabilities. In fact, most users only hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes to utilizing the phone’s functions.

To get the most out of your phone, here are 7 iPhone Functions You’ve Never Heard Of

1. Put Your Music On A Timer

Ever fallen asleep to a great playlist only to be woken up by a not so great song? Facepalm.

Set a timer on your playlist to make sure that never happens again. Go to Clock app > Timer option > When Timer Ends > Stop Playing. The music will stop as soon as the timer gets to zero. This works for iTunes, Spotify, and several other apps.

Happy listening

2. Take Photos While Shooting A Video

Capture that perfect moment while capturing that perfect video. Just tap the shutter button on the left of the record button while your video is rolling. There’s really not much to it.

3. Shake To Undo

It’s scary deleting something important like a long essay, account details, or winning lottery combination.

Get everything back in an instant by shaking your iPhone. A dialogue box with undo and redo options will pop up in the middle of your screen. Just select what you want to do and be more careful next time!

4. Save A PDF File To iBooks

Want to save an article for future reading? Tap the Share button (the box with an upward pointing arrow at the very bottom of the page), scroll the second row (below AirDrop) to the left, and select “Save PDF to iBooks”.

5. Add Some Good Vibes To The Mix

Tell who’s calling by the way your phone buzzes. Go to Contacts > your person of choice > Edit (on the upper right) > Ringtone > Vibration.

If the standard options aren’t cutting it for you, the iPhone lets you make your own. Select Create New Vibration and tap the screen to your desired beat. Voila, you’ll know who’s calling or messaging based on the way it vibrates.

6. Close 3 Apps At Once

Close multiple apps using three fingers–you know, like a girl scout salute. Double-click the home button and slide three fingers upwards over the apps you want to shut down.

7. Get Into Low Power Mode

Save your battery using the iPhone’s low power option. Go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode.

Low Power Mode prolongs your battery life dramatically by shutting down certain functions like push mail and Siri. Also, the background darkens after periods of inactivity.

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