The Top 5 Apple Watch Casino Apps

The Apple Watch has provided casino game app developers with a new way of accessing bettors – via their wrist. Wearable technology such as smartwatches have quickly become a new playing ground for mobile betting and online gaming fans, who are relishing the comfort of playing through a simple tap on their wrist. The demand for Apple Watch gaming has thus enjoyed steady growth since smartwatch technology was launched in 2015, spurring a constant flow of new tailor-made casino game apps. Many of these Apple Watch casino apps sync up seamlessly with existing iPhone casinos. As a growing amount of these apps flood the smartwatch market, here is are five apps making the biggest impact.

Twirlaloop Slots 

As far as sleek-looking casino games on the Apple Watch are concerned, Twirlaloop Slots leads the way. The app includes traditional Las Vegas slot games that display seamlessly across the full screen through 5 line 3×3 reels. It integrates authentic Vegas odds and currently offers five different slot games, with more variety promised in the near future. The game centre is a hub where players can view live leaderboards and collect coins, as well as the place to go for in-app coin purchases. An added perk allows Twirlaloop Slots to be played simultaneously across both an Apple Watch and iPhone using shared coins and scores, a unique feature in smartwatch gaming.

Slots Time at World Class Casino

Masque Publishing masterminded numerous market-leading casino and card games for Macbook and PC, and the developer has made an equally impressive impact on the Apple Watch through its Slots Time at World Class Casino release. After completing their free download of the app, players get to choose from five casino-style slot machines, all of which come in classic reel themes. They also include bonus offerings such as double jackpot multipliers, free spins and wild symbols, in addition to single-line and multi-line spins. Slots Time is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and requires iOS 8.2 or later versions to operate.

Double Luck Nudge Slots

Ideal for a quick slots game on your wrist, Double Luck Nudge Slots offers a host of features to keep on-the-go casino players interested. There is no pay-to-play obligation on this slot machine game, while players are eligible for hourly bonuses and can earn extra credits for viewing in-app videos. Playing options vary, including double and triple bars, lucky 7s and the unique nudge feature, which boosts the chances of a player’s bar stopping on the pay line. Simple and fun, Double Luck Nudge Slots is also compatible across Apple’s smartphone, iPad and iPod touch, and requires iOS 9.0 or later versions.

Slots Time!

Quick, glossy and fun, Slots Time! is another bite-sized casino slots game that ticks all the right boxes for engaging portable casino gameplay. The visuals and animations are hugely impressive, complementing themed rooms and a variety of mini games that make this one of the most enjoyable Apple Watch games on the market. Daily tournaments add to fun, with players alerted when tournaments enter ‘hot mode’, which allows them to earn double the rewards per each spin. Players are also eligible for a wide array of free daily credits and bonus tokens, while the ‘glance’ screen promptly displays how they are performing on the leaderboard.

777 Watch Slots

777 Watch Slots is among the most popular casino games on the Apple Watch. While downloading the app will cost users $1.99, the app quickly proves its worth through a glossy slot machine that is optimised to work seamlessly on your wrist. The name of the game is to accumulate tokens, which players can purchase through the app to get started. A bundle of 110 tokens comes with a $0.99 price tag, yet there is more value in purchasing them in bulk, such as the 3,500 tokens for $19.99 option. Free tokens are also given away each day at the top of every hour, while huge regular jackpots offer additional rewards.