What Does Trump’s Election Mean For The App Industry?

Donald Trump’s electoral win last November sent shockwaves around the globe and whether you’re for or against the outcome, the ramifications of this past election are still too uncertain to know. 2016 also saw the success of the controversial Brexit campaign in the UK which has left a huge question mark over international trade and what it means for future markets and the stability of both the pound and the dollar.

Trump has made some politically interesting and somewhat concerning calls in regards to national security, human rights and personal privacy of late and it has been these actions that have left the tech community wondering what the future holds for the burgeoning App industry and how they can make the best of this new situation.

If one thing’s for certain, it’ll be that there will be a big push in the development of new and improved firewall and privacy protection apps hitting the market. Trump’s recent snafu with the EPA left a lot of the public shaken and confused as to where their rights to free speech and access to information now stood. The government’s growing ability to track, collate and store all of its citizens metadata, coupled with rumours of camera hacking means that the demand for privacy programs and apps are at an all time high.

Over the past year the stock market has seen highly volatile changes to the value of international currency; it seems that now every time a politician opens their mouths an erratic rise and fall of stock market prices ensues. Following this, I think we can expect a raft of new stock market and currency apps that will be better equipped to inform and predict new changes to the market.

On a slightly lighter note; the absurdity of our new political landscape has given way to a new wave of satire sites. A front runner for the new anti-fake news campaign is the satire site Mook News: a ‘mook’ being any person silly enough to believe in fake news (a concept which many of their readers have yet to grasp). Although no talks of an app related version of the site have been announced, I think we can be fairly certain of its debut over the coming year.