MessagePet app is an innovative way to socialize with your pets

There are apps out there that can translate languages, map your runs, and there is even an app, that will remind you where you parked your car—in a pirate voice. With so many useful phone apps—and some not so useful ones—it is no surprise that there are a number of apps specifically targeted toward pet owners. Most of these are, designed by pet owners for pet owners, and they will seriously change the way you care for Fido. Here we have picked an amazing app for this review named, MessagePet.

What is MessagePet?

MessagePet is a social network designed for bringing together pet owners and lovers, integrating both humans and animals in one service-providing platform. The app allows pet owners to create online profiles for each pet of theirs, completed with photos and their own accounts too, to enjoy conversation with their pets. You can add multiple pet profiles at the same time.

Enjoy lengthy conversation with apps, share photos through conversation and much more. You can even post these conversations on this platform. There is a feature “explore” that allows you to see the conversations posted by other pet owners where you can like and comment these posts.  The app also allows you to share these funny conversations on your social media networks and other communication channel. Using this app is quite easy and it comes up with easy navigation features.

You can find it as a free mobile app within the iOS App Store or the Android OS Google Play Store. Direct download link for both stores is present at the end.