Wanna Workout For Your Ears? TSC Music App Does Just That!

Earlogic have announced the launch of their new hearing app TSC Music; an app which aims to detect early stages of hearing loss, monitor degeneration in hearing and even attempt to re-train the ear to gain some hearing back. It’s an ambitious project from Earlogic, a young startup that specializes in audio technologies, but a laudable one at that.

TSC Music is a music platform app that collates a user’s hearing data to customize the sound for the individual’s specific hearing condition to provide the clearest and most enjoyable listening experience possible. In addition to this, the app also tracks the user’s hearing capabilities by issuing a quick, self-administered hearing test upon launching, which then checks five key frequencies. The app saves all hearing data from the users, which can viewed in easy-to-read, interactive graphical charts (not dissimilar to a Fitbit).

Recent studies show that premature hearing loss in teenagers and young adults have been on the rise, with some in the medical community claiming that over one billion people are at risk. This is thought to be caused by excessive use of audio devices such as; smartphones, earbuds and headphones that are often used to listen to music and videos. The World Health Organisation (WHO), have issued a warning and encouraged pediatricians to advise patients to severely cut back on their use of headphones and earbuds, suggesting that exposure to loud noises are the root cause of over 90% of progressive hearing loss cases.

This free app is available to download from the App Store and will require iOS 9.0 or above to run. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and is available in multiple languages including; English, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese.

If you pricked your ears and the sound of this exciting new app then hurry over to the App Store to download it to your iOS device today!