Enjoy a smart golf stats tracker app in pro-style with Golf Buddies

This time of year, we start to think about spring and hitting the old golf course – those lush fairways, manicured greens, dangerous lakes and those damn sand traps. There are many golf apps – some for simply scorekeeping, some will help you with your game, some will help you find a golf course, some allow you to follow golfing tournaments, golfing wallpapers, and others are game apps. However, to help you get the best golf stats app for your smartphone, we have compiled this review for an app called Golf Buddies.

What is Golf Buddies and More?

Golf Buddies is the digital scorecard that gives you great score stats options and a diary to store your golf memories. It is like a clubhouse in your pocket. In addition, its simple and intuitive user interface reduces screen taps to the absolute minimum. It enables tee times score tracking, handicap registering, adding and removing of players and much more.

What is offers?

This golf tracker app features Nassau side game features to enable you to track your online score. The app comes up with a brief guide about setting the default values and other instructions that you can find on the home screen. by using this app a Handicap index created which automatically sync and you can sent it to other friends using the same app. it also features course Slope index feature to calculate course handicap values with a Course database

Golf Buddies and More app is the easiest, fastest and most fun way to keep score while playing golf. So what you are waiting for? Simply tap the link present at the end and have it by just paying $3.99 on your iOS device.