Letterun – Reinventing Newsletters

You probably send and receive emails every day using an app like Gmail or Outlook. Those tools work great for sending one-off messages to individuals and groups—and if you abuse the BCC field, you might be able to send an email to 100 people without annoying everyone. But for larger groups and scheduled sends, there is another option – something that makes it as easy to send an email to everyone as it is to send a message to one person.

That’s where email newsletter apps come in. They’re the tools that power the bulk emails you receive every day, and they’re a great way to share news, announce new promotions, or send out an annual email update to all of your friends and family. But most of these newsletter apps you see on the market come with complicated subscriptions, tons of unnecessary ads, which leads to inbox cluttering. And I, for example, like my inbox as clean as a whistle.

That’s why I was determined to find an app that won’t mess up my inbox, an app that will let me read exactly what I’m interested in. And guess what? I discovered Letterun, an iOS newsletter app that blew my mind. It only requires iOS 9.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Additionally, it allows you to enjoy a neat and friendly user interface and pleasing graphics.

Basically, Letterun is a newly developed platform that revolutionizes the way users are accessing and reading their favorite newsletters. It doesn’t include spam emails, there are no ads, you can easily hide or save anything you want, you can search by category, and much more. Get rid of other apps that make your inbox cluttered, of apps that require subscriptions, and get the one and only non-email based newsletter app. Just follow what interests you within the app, read and even promote your writings. You can download Letterun from the App Store – it is completely free of charge!