Sharing Links Has Never Been Easier That With Shout by KYA

Shout by KYA is the new and innovative way of sharing content from your favourite sites directly from your iPhone/iPad. Visiting a site and see something that you think a friend or family member should take a look at then Shout is the easy way to do so. Shout lets you easily save anything on the web, with Shout you can have all of your favourite content, organised, in one place. You can also discover contents from over Shout users that you might be interested in.

With Shout, you can be a curator and create list on just about anything and everything. Shout is a great way to share news articles or a site from wherever on the web. For instance I started a list on Casino sites and shared a link for slot machine games online for free. The users in Shout can discover and follow me to so that they can easily get more of what I ‘Shout’.

Getting started is easy and you can create Shout in less than a 30 seconds. Once you download the app you sign in with Facebook. If you’re on an iOS device then get to safari. You then tap your mobile browser’s share button. Swipe right on your share pane and tap ‘more’ then turn on the Shout toggle switch. Tap ‘post’ to add your shout to a new or existing list. You can then view your Shouts from the app. You will not need to go through these steps every time you want to Shout. Once you toggle Shout on, you simply hit the share button, tap the Shout icon and post the site you want. You can also customise your description to what you want.

You can follow your friends’ and influencers lists, and even create an easy, one-swipe newsletter every day for your followers. You can also create private lists to collaborate/share privately with others. Use cases range from simple “I’m reading this!” stuff to full-blown academic research or reporting.

Shout is available for free, no in-app purchase, no advertising. There is also a Shout Chrome extension available so you will be able to share from your computer as well. The Chrome and iOS app syncs perfectly.