Simplanum – Plan It Simple!

Talked about getting yourself organised then maybe it’s the right time. Introducing Simplanum, the prefect and convenient way to organise your day to day routine and your life. I think it’s about time you ditch the standard notes app on your iPhone or iPad and join the elite few that have already discovered the great things you can do with Simplanum. It’s one app with all the needs for you to keep organise; notepad, calendar and even cloud storage right at your finger tips.

Simplanum makes life, well, much more simple. With instant synchronisation to all your devices you will have whatever you want whenever you want. All the data within the app will be available offline or in Airplane mode. The app supports any type of attachments. Set your up coming events and meeting on a calendar that is both pleasing to the eye and easy to use. The calendar displays your plans in a timeline. You also have a diary which is great for estimating the day’s schedule. You can import check-lists from other applications with ease. All the notes you set are sorted according to date, with the latest and most relevant at the top. The app also provides the weather in a beautiful form. You can lock the app or any notes with security code and Touch ID.

The app is easy to use, open it and simply start adding your notes and events to calendar or what you want. You can sign up to pro account or you can use the app in ”Guest Mode”.  If you would like to have access to the advanced feature set or extend the limits of the app, a range of different subscriptions are available. A Simplanum Personal Cloud – $0.99 per month, Up to 2000 entries and 5GB Cloud Storage. Simplanum Business Cloud – $2.99 per month, Up to 8000 entries and 20Gb Cloud Storage and Simplanum Premium Cloud – $6.99 per month, Unlimited entries and 100Gb Cloud Storage.

Try it out for free and get yourself organised.