Get Your Hands On A Pair Of JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch 3-Way Speakers

OK, so let’s talk headphones. Firstly, we have to explain why the JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch 3-Way Speakers headphones really rock! They can handle the maximum of 100 watts very safely without any sort of problems. They possess a minimalistic break-in periods, which can sometimes vary when you use an amp. So, they can definitely open up pretty well on the crucial low end, also becoming far less distorted on its high end.

For almost 60 years, these JBL brand products have been displaying the excitement and impact of the greatest recording studios, concert venues and movie theaters. Recently, their engineers have created these top-quality listening experiences for the car. Because of the advanced technology developed in more professional arenas, JBL brand products seem to perform better than the rest.

Valuable information

Very high output, great bass response, durability and pretty smooth response are things that you can always expect from JBL speakers. Enthusiasts who truly know audio will understand how important bringing the right sound to your car really is.

Also, you must always rely on RMS (wattage) ratings -it’s so important to get this right so you don’t overpower your speakers.

Great Bass

Plus One Cone

The JBL GTO638 speaker uses durable and very powerful 6-1/2-inch woofer with great patent-pending technology. This Plus One type of technology gives far more cone surface to the speaker than other competing models, which are exactly the same or similar size. This goes up to 35 percent or more in most cases.

With a much larger area of the cone, these speakers truly provide extremely higher efficiency, not to mention outstanding bass response. Add some low-Q type of woofer design to the bass output. 

Powerful and Durable Performance

4-Ohm type of Topology

Low-impedance voice coils will extract far more power from speakers amp for a truly mighty performance than other high-impedance types of coils do. JBL speakers use great voice coil of lower impedance than other classic 4-ohm type of speaker to nicely extract the larger amount of power from the amplifiers that are engineered for driving loads of less than 4 ohms. Also, the GTO638 speakers are very compatible with factory-installed systems, and also aftermarket units.

Since most factory-installed types of systems often incorporate those 2-ohm speakers, also including amplifiers that are designed to really drive loads of 2-ohm, careful replacing those speakers with some classic 4-ohm model can surely reduce the maximum power output of the amp. So, for the best performances, the GTO638 speakers make a superb use of amplifier by giving nice optimum loads of 2-ohm.

Very Easy to Install

High-quality Mounting System

Do you want to do it yourself? Installing these speakers in almost any factory-built locations will be a cinch. Designed to be high-quality replacements for and factory-installed type of OEM’s, they install into any location that is factory-built without any special kinds of modifications or tools needed.

Also, to make this even easier, the speakers use a capable mounting system that is JBL’s patented. So, it depends on the car that the factory-built location of 6-1/2-inches can mostly vary from around 6 inches in size up to some 6-3/4 inches. That is mostly due to the speakers included types of installation rings.


  •    Patented woofer cone
  •    Theater-quality tweeter
  •    Powerful crossover network sound
  •    Good three-way loudspeaker
  •    Rubber surround for woofer cone
  •    Mylar-titanium type of tweeter and very adjustable super tweeter
  •    180 Watts maximum power handling
  •    Great bass sound


  •    Weaker clarity for highs and mids


Even in the case that you want to upgrade some older speakers, this GTO638 really provides a very easy way of replacing them. They also got great quality of sound and durability, meaning you won’t regret choosing the superb JBL GTO638.