Use Your iPhone to Relax

With work and life taking its toll on our health it is important that we recognise the importance of relaxation. We sometimes get so involved in everything that is going around us that we forget to pay the attention we need to to our bodies. But technology has been a great help in solving these issues. We now have gadgets and apps made specifically to keep us in our most optimal state by ensuring that we relax well. Here is a list of things you can use on your iPhone to make everything a little easier:

Apps- There are a large number of apps that help in tracking and analyzing sleep patterns and show you where and when you slept well, and when you didn’t. This will help you figure out the best conditions for your perfect sleep. A great app for this is the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock.

If you get disturbed by sounds of traffic outside your window and have lost nights of precious sleep, look no further than ‘Ambiance’. This app with provide a large number of ambient sound tracks to make your sleep environment conducive to relaxation.

Gadgets- Fitbit is one tracker that comes to mind when you are looking for optimal body functioning through the use of technology. The accelerometer in the Fitbit will determine how much you move while you sleep and also how many times you woke up during the night. The app will sync seamlessly with your iPhone using bluetooth and will provide the data in an easy to understand format.

Games- Games can help in relaxation if you play them before you sleep to ease your worries. As games provide distraction, they will take your mind away from the problems you faced during the day. Play Viridi, Two Dots, or Zen Koi. If you are looking for a little more social games, it will be a good idea to play online bingo