Loving The Retro Feel Of Twin Gates 2

The evolution of the gaming industry is an interesting one to watch as it doesn’t really follow the trajectory that you might expect. Yes, sure we can now don a pair of oculus rifts and run around in a make believe castle fighting dragons and that’s awesome, however, a lot of gamers still prefer to play the incredibly basic dot matrix-type games that became so popular in the eighties. Because of this love of nostalgia in gaming, we’re constantly introduced with new, simple and fun games with basic graphics and an addictive nature. Twin Gates 2 by Thousand Games K.K. is just this kind of game and since I first downloaded it, I haven’t been able to put it down.

The premise is very simple; as the gamer you’ll need to ensure that the black and white balls that are moving towards the square ‘gates’ matchup color-wise. To do this, you must tap your screen and the gate’s color will alternate. Sounds simple enough, however, those balls are fast moving and they’re not in short supply which means that as the gamer, you’ll have to stay hyper-alert as even one quick mess-up and it’ll be game over.

There’re four game modes to choose from: duet in which you’ll grapple with just two gates at a time, quartet which is four gates, variable which mixes things up and challenge which entails completing rounds allowing you move up levels as they get harder and more complex. As you move through the levels and stages of the game you earn ‘coins’ which can be redeemed at the app’s ‘shop’ for jazzy backgrounds and different shaped balls.

Twin Gates 2 is free to download from the App Store and Google Play, however if the timed advertorials are bothering you, then you can pay an additional $1.99 and go ad-free. Another in-app purchase available, enables the gamer to unlock all of the stages and levels at once for $3.99. Twin Gates 2 might not get any chins-a-waggin’ on a gamer’s chat forum , but for a free and easy-to-use app, it’s perfect for killing a bit of time on your daily commute or in a doctor’s office.

So if you too want to have a ball and enter the gates of addiction, then download Twin Gates 2 from the App Store or Google Play today!