Text Groups by Smartsquare is one of the best SMS to group apps on the App Store

Many users use texting as their primary means of conversation, rarely ever making calls. With most providers offering SMS messages for free or charging around 10-20 cents a message, sending a text message is the easiest and most productive way to send  a particular information to your contacts. With tons of different messaging available, messaging is made easy and convenient. These apps will handle regular messaging and you can find tons of titles while searching through the app stores. However, today we will speak about a group messaging app, Text Groups – easy & fast SMS to group of contacts.

What it is and how you can use it?

Text Groups – easy & fast SMS to group of contacts is a group-messaging app produced by Smartsquare. It supports sending bulk messages by one click. It creates a database of users by integrating with Apple’s native contact app. It offers custom-created groups, advanced filtering option, and a one-tap ‘send to many’ tool.

When you open the app, it will immediately detect the saved contacts in your device. If you have previously created groups among your contacts, you can start adding them in this app. The app also allows you manually to add more contacts in a group.

You can organize your groups in any way you want and assign unique names for each. Sending group message using this app only takes a couple of taps. Simply create a new message and select a specific group as recipient. Then tap the send button and you are done.

This app is available free for your iOS devices and you can use it in 15 different languages. It is indeed a handy tool that can make you way more productive and way better in messaging. It will keep you neat and organized too. Simply it is a great tool that anyone should have on their iPhone or iPad (it works with iMessage too).