De-stress Yourself With Vocal Warrior: The New Voice Activated App From SOA Games

In today’s fast-paced world things can get a little stressful and as therapeutic as playing rounds of shoot-’em-up games like Grand Theft Auto or even simply screaming into your pillow can be, they also tend to leave a little to be desired. That is until the release of Vocal Warrior, the new street fighter-style app from SOA games that artfully mixes the cathartic experience of shouting as loud as you can with inflicting pain upon imaginary foes.

The unique feature of Vocal Warrior is the complete voice activated gameplay that uses the latest in voice recognition technology which allows you to shout commands at your avatar to defeat your opponents. The louder you shout the better and if you land a good kick combo then you can applaud your fighter and encourage them to keep at it. This will enhance their fighting capabilities to ensure that you stay on top in the fight!

The free-to-download app is available for iOS on the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod. It’s available in a multitude of languages meaning that you can verse people the world over with no barriers. The app features leaderboards, multiplayer availability (so you can play with your friends), regular content and character updates and a responsive Facebook community if you’re ever in need of a bit of help.

The cute anime graphics are highly detailed and remain tight throughout the interface. Although the characters are more cherubic in style than one might expect in a combat game, their glassy eyes and elfin features add an air of whimsy and light-hearted fun and sets Vocal Warriors apart from its grittier contemporaries.

So if you’re up for a full vocal work out, then fly-kick over to the App Store and download Vocal Warrior today!