Y-cam Protect, The Triple Layer Smart Home Security System

Y-cam is best known for its range of smart indoor and outdoor security cameras and having sold over 250,000 units, the British firm is now ready to expand its portfolio by branching into complete home security.

Building on the belief that “few things in life are more important than protecting the people and property you care about,” Y-cam’s latest product, aptly titled Protect, promises to make smart home security available to a wide range of users irrespective of budget or technical prowess.

Y-Cam Protect Alarm System integrates SIM card backup, Internet backup and 8-hour battery backup, which means even if you get a power cut or Internet loss the Y-cam alarm system will remain fully operational.There are no wires to run as there are no drilling holes required. You can set up this alarm system very easily and quickly without professional expertise, which is nice. The Y-Cam Protect calls itself a “Triple Layer” security system. This uses wired, wireless and SIM card to protect your home if your internet or power is cut. In order to use the third level, the user has to pay for the SIM service. This costs either £5.99 per month or £59.99 for the year. The SIM provides alarms to the application and text messages to your phone when the alarm has been triggered.

There is also a feature to include the Plus button on the remote to send an emergency message to two mobile numbers. If an elderly relative has fallen perhaps, they can summon help if they have the remote on their person. The Y-Cam app is available for both for iOS or Android and is relatively simple to use. It has a built-in battery and SIM, thus will continue to work even if there is a power reduction or your broadband fails. Utilising the SIM demands a modest subscription fee, but this also brings a record of other gains, plus its great value complete.