Quatros Origins is a retro mash-up of Tetris and Fez on mobile

Tetris is probably the most familiar videogame in the history of the universe. In the unlikely event that you haven’t played it you’ve definitely seen it being played, and you know exactly how it works.

At first glance, Quatros Origins looks like just another Tetris clone to add to the billion or so already in existence. The playing area is a silo with clumps of blocks falling into it. You have to arrange these clumps so that they make horizontal lines all the way across the silo, which disappear and make way for more blocks. Simple.

Except not simple. Quatros Origins may look familiar, but it has a devious twist. After every move the board swivels around 90 degrees, meaning a new perspective on the playing area and a new arrangement of blocks. It’s like Fez times three.

Developer God As A Cucumber aimed to make a retro game that’s easy to play but hard to master, and that’s exactly what Quatros Origins is. Lining up blocks to make lines is as natural as walking, but doing it in four dimensions is a natural as rollerskating backwards through a mirror maze.

Quatros Origins has a few other modern conveniences beyond its innovative Fez-inspired gameplay, including an all-important leaderboard and an Arcade mode.

But what we like most is the way that the game manages to perfectly capture the look and feel of the vintage era while showcasing ideas that are on the cutting edge, creating an experience that’s both comfortingly familiar and utterly unique.

Quatros Origins is available now on Google Play [buy] and the App Store [buy], so check it out for a taste of modern puzzle game design at its best.