Huge Deal: For $25 – Add A Second Phone Number To Your Smartphone!

There are a lot of different situations where you would need a second phone number. It could be when you need to fill out forms online but want to avoid telemarketing spam or maybe you want a number for a business you run. It could even be for privacy reasons. Phones are expensive however having a second phone number on one phone isn’t. That’s why Hushed can be very useful and make it easy for you to communicate and the greatest thing is you don’t need your really number.

This exclusive offer for readers offers the following:

  • $25 USD one-time payment for lifetime Hushed Canadian or USA number with code IG25 (regularly $30 USD/year; using this for ten years alone would save you $275!)
  • Add a second phone number to your iPhone or Android phone
  • Send and receive phone calls and text messages to your private Hushed number without purchasing a secondary device.
  • Your Hushed number never expires
  • Receive 500 MIN / 1100 SMS every year for LIFE (FOR FREE)
  • Full Call / SMS features
  • Call forwarding / Voicemail
  • Hushed messaging allows you to send destructible messages & pictures to fellow Hushed users
  • Your Hushed Account can be accessed on different cell phones
  • Only requires an email address to sign up allowing for immediate use

See Hushed App in action:

THE PROBLEM – Hushed App tackles the privacy problem that exists today when giving out personal phone numbers. The App enables you to have a dedicated phone number for different parts of your life.

THE REASON YOU NEED THIS – Mess with your friends, safely give your number to strange people you meet at the bar/online, or even use it to better run your business. A personal and business use case for all.

THE SOLUTION – Make calls, send texts and photos, even set up a personalised voicemail for your Hushed phone number. Hushed App lets you add a second, (or third) phone number to your smartphone. The iPhone and Android app lets clients manage multiple local and foreign numbers on one device, all without the hassle of multiple SIM cards. Hushed App features secure cloud technology combined with an intuitive call, text, and messaging manager. For those on the go, Hushed App works within data, cellular, and WiFi networks, ensuring you never miss a call. No phone plan needed.

Never get telemarketing calls ever again, get a Hushed lifetime offer for $25 USD with promo code IG25.