Improve your English Skills with Memorytrix

The English vocabulary is probably one of the hardest language to master. Whether English is your first language or not, getting to master the vocabulary and communicating perfectly is a difficult task. That’s why at times you need an app that will help greatly with improving your Cognitive skills, communication skills and vocabulary skills. Memorytrix is one such app.

With Memorytrix you can make sure that you improve greatly on your English. It’s a very smart way to learn and recall the English vocabulary. Memorytrix lets you grow your skills through visual stimulation. Your brain encodes information for efficient recall and thats what gets targeted in this app. The app consist of a daily verbal workouts. With short learning modules everyday you will increase speed and efficiency in your English. There are also games which you are able to get your brain juices flowing. The app still tracks your progress and keep you updated.

Getting started is easy. You will need to register an account or you can use your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ details to sign in. Once the app is launched you have a number of options. There’s a categories section with different sub sections such as Vocabtrix, speaking, reading, grammer and writing. The performance tab allows you to track your progress and the revise tab concise of different games to keep you occupied. You can use the app to prepare for competitive exams such as TOEFL, IELTS , SAT, GRE and GMAT.

Improving your English couldn’t be any easier with Memorytrix. You can download it for free however to get more modules you will need to grab them through in-app purchase at $1.99 for each.