Be a vigilante burglar in Burglars, Inc., a polished puzzler for iOS

We don’t usually think of burglars as the good guys, but that’s exactly what they are in Burglars, Inc, a unique puzzler from experienced boutique studio Fuzzy Orbit Games.

You play as a band of thieves whose purpose in life is to tackle injustice in a town rife with corruption by picking looks and stealing cash and other miscellaneous valuables from safes across the city.

And this righteous new role for people who steal stuff isn’t the only innovative thing about Burglars, Inc. While the gameplay may look familiar at a glance, it’s not quite like anything we’ve come across before.

The game is played on a board made up of tiles that have sections of chain on them. By spinning these tiles you bring the sections of chain together.

But that’s not all. The sections branch out in different directions, and so you have to arrange them smartly to ensure that the finished chainwork layout incorporates all of the loot and other items on the board.

With the loot that you collect you can buy tools and gear to help you nab even more loot, in the sort of glorious compulsion loop that made games like Steamworld Dig so impossible to put down.

There are around 200 levels in all, and eight different puzzle types, along with secret items to discover, badges and trophies to collect, ranks to earn, and more. And it looks great, with high quality visuals and top notch writing bringing characters to life.

So it probably costs a packet, right?

Wrong. Burglars, Inc. is actually free to download as a demo, and Fuzzy Orbit Games promises hours of IAP-free gameplay if you don’t feel like stumping up any cash.

Go check it out now on the App Store [get]