Let’s go Back to the 90s with the AMAZING Retro Platform Jump Arcader – Just Jump

We all loved those cool jumping games in the 90s. We were all glued to the consoles and wanted to play more and more. Today we will represent a game with the similar spirit, but maybe much more cooler and more entertaining. We are talking about thew relatively new Just Jump – Infinite Arcade Battle.

Why We Loved It

Just Jump has soul and uniqueness. It is beautifully designed with creative characters, and it is all about the story of the little bear that is under attack by the gang of invaders that have different skills and powers. When you start the game, you will find yourself in a situation where tons of invaders are coming towards you with fast speed, now you have to use your quick hand-to-mind coordination and fast tapping skills to jump over these invaders to crush them and if you strike them from the front your game will be over.

Different Types of Danger & Animals

Now, here it begins a quest full of dangers and risks. You can fight using about 20 different animals. There is about a dozen of beautifully crafted worlds and the game offers you endless levels. Continue your journey through these worlds and keep collecting coins and combos through your way to make your gameplay easy and to fight with your enemies with your best attacks.

Just Jump is based on simple one-tap controls Guide that little bear throughout the way and enjoy the best and challenging arcade on your iPhone. You’ll be surprised of how addictive and fun this cute game can become!

The can be downloaded free on any of your devices. It’s available for Android too!