Jump There – test your reflexes and jumping skills

Are you up for an interesting, competitive and relaxing game? Something that will be challenging and will offer lot of fun in the same time? Well, we might found the perfect game for you. Today we gonna present you this new and refreshing casual game that will keep you playing for hours you called Jump There.
Avoid obstacles and collect stars

At Jump There !! your character is actually a ball, green ball if we are more precise and the main objective is to jump and avoid obstacles. You will be able to jump from left to right or right to left simultaneously. The mission is to collect star shaped items to make more points. You have the total control to jump when you want and adjust your game. But, should be careful as there are a lot of obstacles in your way and if you hit on of them you will need to start all over again. So, stay focused and keep you concentration in order to get the perfect balance for the ball and avoid crushing into enemies in the game. Fast reflexes are required as you will need to plan your moves ahead.

Challenge your friends in multiplayer mode

Jump There !! offer you multiplayer mode where you can challenge a friend and see who can make a bigger high score and show more gaming knowledge. Jump There !! is an addictive game and we guarantee you will spend hours and hours jumping and breaking records around with the green ball. The music in the background makes the game more desirable and more enjoyable.
So, what can we say more? Download this entertaining and super fun game for free from App Store and start jumping and breaking records.