How Technology Is Helping Connect Patients With Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana as a form of treatment is creating a storm in the medical community with more and more research studies suggesting that this herb could be highly beneficial to a multitude of different ailments. This has led to pressure from the public to see government reform in terms of legality and access to medical marijuana as a form of treatment for patients. The Compassionate Use Act was a huge step forward for patients wanting access to medical marijuana and its success has birthed a plethora of similar propositions to sweep America. Specialised medical marijuana doctors have started popping up all over the country and online to help connect patients with their chosen form of treatment and licensed dispensaries for the drug are on the rise as well. Below is a list of the best apps currently around that help to connect patients with medical marijuana.


Weedmaps helps you to find the best dispensaries near you in nearly every state where medical marijuana is legal in America. By offering clear, easy to use maps with filter options to see whether certain dispensaries offer storefront service or delivery it makes it incredibly simple to find the best dispensaries near you for what you need. The app is available for both iOS and Android users alike…

My Canary

My Canary is an interesting app in that it monitors your intake of intoxicating substances and will help you gauge your mental performance so that you can avoid dangerous situations. When using the app, it’ll test you on your memory, balance, time-perception and reaction times so that you can keep your consumption down to manageable levels. With this information, My Canary will assess your mental and physical capabilities with regards to performing certain tasks and err you on the side of caution if you’d taken too much.


MMJRecs is the best platform to keep up to date on marijuana related news concerning: legislation, laws, your rights, different dosing techniques and the benefits associated with the wide range of applicable conditions. MMJRecs also offers a Skype service which allows patients to talk with a licensed medical professional who can assess whether they qualify for medical marijuana use and ultimately write up a prescription.