Learn What Trade Was Like In The Roaring ’20s, With Little Traders 2

Wall street in the 1920s was a bustling energetic place full of ambition, hope, whisky and fine threads. However, it was also a place of broken dreams and bankruptcies – to navigate the two worlds took skill and an aptitude for reading both markets and people. Cut to the present day and after a few bad financial crashes, the stock market has seen a fairly significant dip in investment interest from individual traders. The Little Traders 2 trading app aims to curb that trend and get everyone back into the glory days of the ’20s and excited about trading on the market again.

The game starts with you renting a grotty little basement in an old school NYC high-rise and your first customer Mrs Muller (who’s recently lost her husband) is looking to make a bit of extra cash to support her children. It’s up to you to watch the market and invest her funds throughout the day with an aim of doubling her money. If you succeed then you get paid out and can purchase new furnishings and employees to expand your business, if you fail, the poor Mrs Muller will burst into tears and scold you for being “Less useful than my dead husband!”.

The graphics are in a pixilated, retro-style with each charming character coming with their own personal backstory. As you make your way through the game, a soft double-bass soundtrack accompanies you which adds to the ’20s-style ambience. Little Traders 2 also offers gamers the opportunity to verse each other in trading battles to earn coins and improve your profile ranking.

Little Traders 2 is free to download on the App Store and better yet it comes with no in-app purchases or annoying advertorials. The reason for this is the creators of the app weren’t interested in making money from app sales, but rather, they aimed to reignite the interest in the stock market and help to scale back some of the mystery and danger that’s associated with the trading industry. As such, as you progress through the game, you’ll be offered free real-life courses that cover the basics of trading and help earn you points in the game.

So if you believe that greed is good and think you have what it takes to be the next Wolf of Wall Street then make your way over to the App Store and download Little Traders 2, today!