Live Chopz – An Easy & Dynamic Song Section Player for Live Performances

We’ve all heard the declarations that the age of physical hardware or controllers is at an end in the production world, and that mobile devices and tablets like the iPad will become the primary way that musicians make music and perform it live. But how realistic is this claim? Today, we’ve asked an app developer to share his app – Live Chopz – and to tell us why it is more fun and significantly cheaper than buying a ton of analog hardware. Read on to see why this app is worth picking up.

What is Live Chopz?

It is a simple-to-use, dynamic and rich-featured app especially designed for live performances. This song section player is designed with intuitive user interface, requires iOS 9.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Whether you’re a touring musician, singer, performing artist, or choir director, the Live Chopz app can eliminate the frustrations of performing to a fixed backing track arrangement.

Standout Features

The app allows you to import your own custom audio tracks, to easily chop up and label them into sections, such as Verse, Chorus, Bridge, etc. You can easily jump from section to section and stay in sync with the beat, snap song sections to the nearest quantized beat for perfect synchronization with beat and tempo, start and stop audio playback with zero latency enhancing real-time user experience, and so much more. This is perfect for any live performances and arrangements, like music gigs, shows events, rehearsals, dance practices, so you can say goodbye to adhere to a fixed audio sound track arrangement.

If you want to get this amazing song section player and use it when you perform live, go to the App Store and download it today – you’ll be amazed of its usability!