How Technology Helps Those Who Need Emotional Support

As a society, we’ve come a long way in terms of how we deal with anxiety and stress-related disorders. One area that’s really been in the limelight recently is the use of emotional support animals as a therapy tool for people suffering from a wide range of mental, psychological and minor physical conditions.

Emotional support animals (ESAs) are different to service animals in that they don’t require any specific training to as a means of therapy their uses can be very broad. One way in which technology has really helped people who suffer from stress-related disorders is that it’s now easier than ever to seek help from licensed mental health practitioners online and over skype or other video messaging platforms.

Moosh is just one of many sites that are geared towards spreading the word about emotional support animals with detailed blogs about everything from owning an ESA, caring for it, what one is best suited to your personal needs to how to apply, what benefits you receive and the laws surrounding ESAs and the Americans with disabilities act.

Further, then this, they also have a team of licensed mental health professionals on hand to talk with prospective patients about ESA ownership, whether you qualify, your medical history and an appropriate treatment plan. Because of this, it couldn’t be easier to get your ESA letter online and in your hands within just a few short days.

ESAs are just one way in which technology is helping people who need emotional support get the help that they need to get on with their lives. There is a whole raft of other support apps that deal with human-to-human interaction, AI therapy and GPS style platforms that help you reach out to different groups for support. We very much look forward to hearing and writing about more of these industries to come!