Geoflow – a perfect planner for ideal road trip

Planning an exciting road trip with your friends or family? Before planning a road trip, it is mandatory to keep a check on few things such as map, restaurants, fuel check, maintaining your car and other things. There’s a lot of apps that can help you do it all, along with information on the routes you take, pit stops, fuel tracking and more but we will offer the best one called Geoflow.

Interesting trivia about the locations you are visiting

Geoflow is a one of a kind road trip app that will help you find interesting information about the location you are visiting in the moment. You will able to learn some historical facts and trivia that will make you even more interested about the place you are visiting. With this app you will never miss anything interesting about the site you plan to visit.

Always ready for any challenge you face on the road

You are out of gas? Or you feel hungry on your road trip? Don’t worry Geoflow will show you the nearest restaurants and gas stations in the area. You will also find the best places for rest after the long drive with your car. It will be the perfect planner for your trip and you will always be ready for any challenge that you may face along the way.
So download this helpful app for free from App Store and learn something new!